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Original 5A DC to DC CC CV Lithium Battery Step down Charging Board Led Power Converter Lithium Charger Step Down Module XL4015


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  1. V***v

    Отличный, работоспособный преобразователь. Заказываю не первый раз. Качество хорошее. Подробное описание есть YouTube. Товаром доволен. Продавцу спасибо. Рекомендую продавца и товар.

  2. V***o

    Ordered 11.11, received on December 7.
    Externally corresponds to the description. I did not check the work. Five stars in advance. If you get it, then more in addition.
    Originally planned to apply for powerful LED lamps in the car, as almost all of them quickly burn. And this BP and current can be limited to voltage. But it is generally designed for batteries. It has power idiators, charge and end of charge. Set the final charge voltage and allowable current, at the end of the charge, the current drops and this signals the indicator (the led, they are visible in the photo, but not clearly).

  3. t***a

    Thank you very much, very nice, all got quickly.

  4. S***v

    Well done, took to remake the lantern on the battery for 18650, checked on the Latre, adjustable without problems, on operation we’ll see in the case-I’ll add later.

  5. A***v

    Delivery of 37 days to Kaluga.
    The product corresponds to the description. I’ll check it out.

  6. M***y

    In appearance, good, took for the project

  7. V***v

    Модуль легко держит 1 А в отличие от более слабого собрата на LM2596, где макс. ток указан 3 А. Тут тоже подозреваю 5 А держать не будет почти совсем, тоже вероятно пиковое значение. Плата толстая, крепкая, удобные контакты для подключения, как на входе, так и на выходе. В описании на странице перепутано назначение крутилок, у меня получилось, что ближняя к выходу регулирует макс. ток, а не напряжение, а ближняя ко входу, соответственно, регулирует макс. напряжение, а не ток. Есть три светодиода: ограничение по току (красный), ограничение по напряжению (синий), низкое потребление (зелёный, ток ниже определённого значения). Модуль подойдёт для достаточно широкого круга задач. Лично мне модуль понравился. По цене с купоном в 12 рублей обошёлся в 89 рублей.

  8. С***в

    Quality is good, corresponds to the description, I will order more

  9. a***a

    Perfectly adjusts voltage and current. Took as a current stabilizer for LED assembly

  10. B***m

    Sent fast. Delivery 89 days to Minsk. Modules work.

  11. S***a

    The best lowering regulator, compared with the other, in some put the current of 1 A, so for some reason falls and the voltage, and in this board such a problem with the voltage.

  12. L***l

    Delivery about 2 months to Yakutia
    Goods working
    Producer recommend
    Goods too

  13. My shop Shopper

    The order went 1 month, I did not communicate with the producer until I experienced

  14. A***v

    Short delivery and good quality.

  15. V***v

    Шло очень очень долго. Виновата логистика. Продавца рекомендую!

  16. My shop Shopper

    The module works., in size very small.

  17. P***s

    Tested with a 2A load for a couple of minutes and it barely warms up

  18. D***v

    I order not the first time. Delivery month. Norms!

  19. N***v

    To Kazan 30 days. Works.

  20. V***v

    Very convenient module for charging Li-ion and power LED flashlights. The seller is reliable and works quickly. Everything is ok!!!

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2060 in stock