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Multi-purpose test pen test clip capacitance table pen patch test clip IC capacitance inductance table pen


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Multi – purpose test pen test clip capacitance table pen patch test clip IC capacitance inductance table pen LCR clip
SMD component test clip Technical parameters:
Lead length: 400mm, grip length: 145mm, probe length: 5mm
Maximum opening of clip: 10mm
For SMD resistors, capacitors, IC testing
One-hand operation, convenient and practical

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Electronic products

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Multi-purpose test pen



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For Arduino STM


  1. My shop Shopper

    Excellent item very fast very nice I recommend ممتاز وصل بسرعة تجربة رائعة انصح به بشدة

  2. A***v

    333 weeks before the Rostov region, took for 150 rubles, the quality is not bad to work conveniently. One buyer asked in questions that he has resistance of 20 m, do they all? I inserted the probe into the ESR tester, it shows 43 picofarad capacitor. No resistance.

  3. F***e

    I have received the item within month

  4. N***a

    Excellent, it came exactly what I ordered, the quality is good, thank you to the seller.

  5. C***n

    Handy for meauring ic’s and SMD components.
    Quick delivery.

  6. Y***v

    Delivery three weeks with a tail! OK!
    I recommend the seller and the goods!

  7. S***v

    Works, the quality of the fourth, for such money is quite nothing, there is a coating on the contacts, enough more less, although with very small cases can be problems. Marking + and-personally, I will then either paint or mark in another way. Before that I took from another seller came uncovered and with rotten contacts. So this seller and the quality of the goods regarding the price (150R at the time of purchase) I completely arranged, I can recommend. More expensive than 150-180r to take it do not recommend. Packed was not very…

  8. A***v

    Came with an internal break, I had to make other wires. The wires look thick in fact 0,5mm wire cross section, full…

  9. My shop Shopper

    The quality of the price corresponds to the full extent!
    You can take it. Wire is ordinary PVC. Brass Moustache.

  10. I***h

    The goods came three weeks before Rostov-on-Don. quality is excellent to the seller respect and respect.

  11. A***v

    Good tweezer. I don’t know what some people want from him-what are they going to measure? Both the capacity and resistance of the tweezers are quite normal. The length is small-so it is to reduce the C and R of the probe. Someone the diameter of the wires is small-well, replace them with 1,5 sq. mm.-you will measure the current in 20A! With this tweezers!!! And then they demand that the wire be soft and thin .. I suck, comrades. It will spend such oligarch one hundred rubles on the probe, then grumble that the wire is not from the sedimentation audiophilic copper, less than two meters long and long In general, the tweezers are normal, take it, you will not regret it. If you do not like it, you can redo it. Great thing for a penny. 5 Stars per item and shipping (very fast).

  12. A***s

    Excellent Electric tweezers. The cable is soft, like a multimeter. Made soundly. Resistance is low. The polarity on the tweezers is indicated.

  13. a***r

    The product came quickly in 18 days, everything corresponds to the description, I recommend the producer, everything is tracked without problems, all successful purchases, the producer respect.

  14. N***s

    ZB write. So there is when a lot of goods in one parcel. But it’s good that everything is in one, do not take a hundred times to the post office to drive everything +-for a month in Riga, in Latvia, if anyone wants to go to

  15. M***v

    With the seller did not communicate, the goods to Tomsk came quickly, with the appearance of quality goods, but flipkovats seemed contacts on the tweezer, I’ll check with you.

  16. R***X

    Not bad probes, came quickly together with other orders in one package.

  17. Y***h

    Tips are flimsy, but for such a price, nothing is better to find.

  18. M***o

    I long to arrive, but the product corresponds to the description.

  19. T***n


  20. A***s

    Good probes

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5984 in stock