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Electric Bike 500W City Bike Folding Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike 20 inch 4.0 Fat Tire ebike 48V Lithium Battery

(23 customer reviews)


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Additional information

Brand Name

Sheng milo






351 – 500w



Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Wheel Size




Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Range per Power

31 – 60 km

Rated Passenger Capacity

Two Seat

Model Number


23 reviews for Electric Bike 500W City Bike Folding Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike 20 inch 4.0 Fat Tire ebike 48V Lithium Battery

  1. N***a

    Bike arrived the day they said.Really happy with the description.Good quality looks great.Very fast.Up date i have had to call about a couple of problems that was down to me they answer me very quickly and the problem was sorted Highly recommended this company

    Color: gray

  2. E***a

    Solid bike, of course with simple (U.A. Shimano) components, but nothing is shaking or is loose, all well assembled and adjusted (no correction was at my bike required), in view of the processing quality bruacht this extremely cheap bike not before high-priced brand manufacturers to hide. Clear, the parts are all “budget” class, magura or Shimano disc brakes keep one not expect the disc are of the size for a fatbike also somewhat undersized, but work anyway, and the motor pulls good and reliable, battery has the specified capacity, modern bicycle computer. More one need not to have fun.

    Color: gray

  3. m***e

    super fast delivery as usual very nice bike

    Color: MX21 500W Ships From: Czech Republic

  4. L***a

    Quality price is a pass, riding it is a bit entertaining

    Color: gray

  5. N***d

    Color: MX21 2 battery

  6. M***s

    When I was looking for a replacement ebike (this is my second) I decided it needed to have several things:
    Fat Tyres
    Full suspension
    A decent rack
    Easily Replaced Battery
    This was one of the few that fulfilled all of my requirements, and it does it well.
    The suspension is adjustable and lockable, so it’s good for on and off road and all weights.
    The rear rack is very good. I can sit on it at 100kg (220lbs), it’s attached to the frame well, and I don’t fear losing anything.
    The fenders are really good. They are metal, and aren’t flimsy.
    The bike folds up well and although isn’t light, it’s far from stupid to carry.
    The battery is a doddle to change, and it’s hidden from most people’s view.
    Someone said the bike has dodgy handlebars. That’s not the case.
    Welds all look good and nothing has fallen off after 55 miles.
    Seller responds to issues quickly.
    Light is really bright.
    What will I change?
    Uncomfortable seat – too hard
    Handlebar grips – not the best

    Color: MX21 2 battery

  7. s***o

    Color: MX21 500W Ships From: Czech Republic

  8. N***h

    Love this bike. Well built and I have received more than one compliment when others see it. I have been pleasantly surprised with the overall experience.

    Color: gray

  9. B***y

    Carters 40 km. Excellent bicycle. The seat is only stiff. Is it necessary to ndern. And so in general there is no pritenzy.

    Color: gray

  10. B***n

    The order will arrive soon. Everything is intact. Give a bicycle a gift. Collect 1 day. Of course no Internet help is impossible. Both buyers and sellers are very satisfied. I recommend

    Color: gray

  11. J***a

    The minus is heavy weight and shoes Digt saddle. Stodmpfer are good enough. On a good Strae knnen you warm up somewhere up to 45 km/h on power. If the pedals help somewhere up to 35 42. Bike recommend

    Color: gray

  12. A***e

    Gathered quickly. without problems. The quality is good. the spokes are stretched. the battery is set to 48 volts. The study trip was successful in glory. I pushed up to 38 km per hour. while my weight is under 95 kg and even tall is under 35 kg.

    Color: gray

  13. M***r

    Color: gray

  14. S***h

    Color: gray

  15. M***m

    Color: gray

  16. L***d

    Bike received in 4 days. Complies with the description. I recommend this seller!

    Color: MX21 500W Ships From: Czech Republic

  17. M***

    Color: MX21 500W

  18. G***

    Color: MX21 500W

  19. Q***

    Color: MX21 500W

  20. Rav Shopper

    A little hard to communicate , a little slow for delivert , but good bike

    Color: MX21 2 battery

  21. J***i

    Color: MX21 500W Ships From: Czech Republic

  22. E***r

    Everything is perfect, nothing is wrong, keep up the good work guys

    Color: MX21 500W Ships From: Czech Republic

  23. M***i

    Purchase bike poprzedzony long poszukiwaniem and this model meets my expectations both as to the appearance, functionality and purpose. Bike came to me after 6 days from order Courier UPS in pack well secured and without any damage mechanical or extra charge. Preparation for driving limited to fold, przykrecenia steering and wyregulowania saddle (conveniently because all the terminals) plus dopompowania wheels. First horse after dark and cool experience. Bike is carried out very easily and is super convenient (e.g. the cobbles no vibration or for siódemki nor steering wheel). Reduction ratio well selected and sufficient even driving without power motor. Bicycle and seller Super. Recommend because Worth.

    Color: MX21 500W Ships From: Czech Republic

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99911 in stock