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20pcs/lot Flash Speedlite Color Filters Mixed Colors Photographic Flash Gels Filters Card Lighting Diffuser for Canon Yongnuo

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Flash Combination Gel Kits offer you a choice of 20 dynamic colors and correction filters to help create dramatic and theatrical lighting in your images. Each kit includes 14 color effects gels, 5 color correction gels, and 1 diffusion gel.
Choose from a range of reds, yellows, blues, and greens to punch up an image with color and create mood. Or, use the correction gels to balance your flash to ambient light.

How are lighting gels typically used?
Colored lighting filters, or gels, are often used as accent lights, or to add dramatic color to backgrounds or selected portions of a scene for artistic effect.
Correction filters are typically used to adjust the color temperature of a flash to better match other light sources to improve overall color balance in an image.

What flash brands will the Universal Gels fit?
With a coverage area of 70mm x 60mm. Universal Gels are large enough to cover even the largest flash heads, and they can be creased or trimmed for smaller flash heads as desired.
These flash gels’ innovative tabbed design allows them to be quickly attached to a wide range of shoe mount flash brands, including:For Canon, for Konica,for Metz,for Minolta,for Nikon,for Nissin,for Olympus,for Panasonic,for Pentax,for Quantum,for Sigma,for Sony,for Vivitar,for Oloong,for Yongnuo and forTriopo.

How do Universal Gels attach?
You do not need to buy expensive or bulky holders, or use annoyingly sticky hook-and-loop to attach Universal Gels to your flash.
Included with each Gels Universal Kit is the Gel-Band. Universal Gels unique tabbed design means that they quickly attach to almost all standard shoe mount flashes.
To attach, simply slip the tabbed ends of the Universal Gel under the Gel-Band to secure it to the flash.

20 x Speedlite Color Filters

10 reviews for 20pcs/lot Flash Speedlite Color Filters Mixed Colors Photographic Flash Gels Filters Card Lighting Diffuser for Canon Yongnuo

  1. M***v


  2. A***v

    Strap 2-3 filters at once for stronger light color.

  3. V***n

    Интересные фильтры. Доставка в Московскую область около 1,5 мес. Если снять пленку с фильтров, цвет становится более насыщенным.

  4. v***v

    Приехали в срок, описание соответствует

  5. a***e

    fast delivery 20 days to india
    good color combination and for good price

  6. A***d

    всё ок, долго шли, но пришли

  7. P***S

    Цветные фильтры для накамерной вспышки. Сделаны из тонкого пластика. Чредуются глянцевые и матовые. В комплекте присутствуют две эластичные резинки для крепления на камеру. Подходят больше для творческого освещения фона. Продавец добросовестный, рекомендую. Палец вверх за обзор с фото

  8. H***o

    llegó exactamente cómo se describe en la publicación

  9. J***H

    They are a good range of colors and sizes! I didn’t space them out right, but there are 20 in the package. They were protected in a bag inside another bag undamaged and arrived early.

  10. S***N

    всё пришло,будем эксперементировать

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9450 in stock