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10/12/15/22 PCS High quality battery, rechargeable battery, SC 1.2 v battery with 3000 mah tab for electric tools

(100 customer reviews)


SKU: 1000008977175



SC battery, rechargeable
Chemistry: Ni-Cd
Terminal type: tab


Height: 4.25 cm
Diameter: 2.2 cm
Capacity: 3000 mAh

Package includes:

You can purchase the corresponding quantity according to your needs: 10PCS /12PCS/15PCS/22PCS

Battery advantage:

1. Adopt special sealing design and sealing technology, select high-energy battery special materials, and have superior leak-proof performance. The voltage is stable. Adequate capacitance, low temperature resistance and impact resistance. Shock storage period and long service life. The sightseeing is bright and tidy, small in size, light in weight, and does not corrode and rust.

2. Long life: Under normal use, the life is greater than 500 cycles.

3. Smooth discharge curve: When discharging with 0.1C to 100%, the voltage of each battery can still be maintained above 1.2 volts.

4. High adaptability: Any battery pack can be made according to user requirements to meet the requirements of users’ products.

5. It is manufactured by advanced technology, with low internal resistance, fast charging and excellent abuse resistance;

6. Low self-discharge; high capacity and stable performance


Widely used in digital cameras, CD players, handheld game consoles, MP3, PDA, electric toys, security products, medical equipment, massage instruments, lawn lights, LED lights, solar lights, backup power, hand drills, electric hair clippers, electric Various electronic and electric products such as razors and game consoles.


Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number


Nominal Capacity




Set Type

Batteries Only

Replacement Battery




Battery Number

10/12/15/22 PCS


Bundle 1

100 reviews for 10/12/15/22 PCS High quality battery, rechargeable battery, SC 1.2 v battery with 3000 mah tab for electric tools

  1. g***v

    The goods are received, the batteries are charged, thank you. with the seller did not communicate. Came to the end of the delivery time.

    Color: 15PCS

  2. M***a

    Visually all OK. See later, how long will stick.

    Color: 12PCS

  3. S***h

    Suspiciously light for such a capacity. Delivery by courier in moscow-a package in hand (sdek). Packed perfectly-in a box and a package of pupyrka (batteries are packed together in a package). Bought for a screwdriver. The petals are kept on spot welding.

    Color: 10PCS

  4. R***r

    Got to the fnl for 3 weeks

    Color: 22PCS

  5. S***v

    Everything is super! I hope the screwdriver will still pass many buildings!!! Respect the store!!!

    Color: 22PCS

  6. a***a

    Came home transport company

    Color: 10PCS

  7. M***a

    The goods came in 30 days by sdek. the track was not tracked. Everything works.

    Color: 10PCS

  8. V***n

    It came literally in 2 weeks, delivery sdek with m, voltage above the nominal value, several pieces checked, took to revive shurik interskol at 18 v, ahead of soldering and additional feedback, i hope the capacity is not too high…

    Color: 15PCS

  9. S***n

    I did not check the work.

    Color: 10PCS

  10. O***v

    Everything is fine! Delivery is fast, packed well, everything works. I recommend!

    Color: 12PCS

  11. P***n

    The goods came just like i ordered, but the delivery is very long + the goods were not tracked, the courier contacted 2 times, sat 1 day waiting, so no one came… for 3 times still received the goods ..

    Color: 10PCS

  12. A***v

    Ordered 12 pieces, all charged from 1.13 to 1.3 took on the screwdriver. How much will we see.

    Color: 12PCS

  13. S***v

    Excellent batteries collected in a package, charged to full. Keep well. The screwdriver is like alive. Considering that the relatives were on 1200ma.

    Color: 15PCS

  14. V***n

    Delivered by courier to the apartment. Description corresponds. Battery voltage from 1.18 to 1,28 v.

    Color: 10PCS

  15. O***a

    Ordered on september 12, came on october 6, although they promised that 21.10-11.11 would come.
    Delivery is fast, for which many thanks! The courier brought home! the battery is very powerful.

    Color: 10PCS

  16. N***v

    It came quickly and without tracking the parcel. Quality has not yet checked. Seller recommend

    Color: 12PCS

  17. L***a

    It’s look like good.
    The shipping time was 3 week – it’s wery good!
    When I tested it I will refer from it too.

    Color: 22PCS

  18. K***v

    Send sdek to the apartment. In appearance quality, the voltage is exactly 1,26 v. As I put in a screwdriver I will add a review.

    Color: 10PCS

  19. A***v

    Delivery fast (sdek). The truth in Moscow was a little delayed. Half of the batteries-within 1, 29 V, the rest-1, 16 v. I hope, after recharging align. How will behave in work-let’s see.

    Color: 10PCS

  20. V***N

    The parcel went for quite a long time. The packaging is a little wrinkled. The batteries are charged charge for milestones different from 1.1 to 1.4 V took for the “killed” at the end of the battery shurupavert at 18 V. How long will we work to see…

    Color: 15PCS

  21. o***v

    Good morning. thanks for the work of employees in aliespress and fulfilled the obligation. once again thank you.

    Color: 12PCS

  22. E***A

    The product corresponds to the declared description, prishol quickly. bought for the screwdriver interseol 14B. Checked the voltage 1,25-1,28 v. Pritenzy no, I recommend the seller.

    Color: 12PCS

  23. S***n

    Battery Fire!!! Budget option for revitalizing Shurik, took for 12 volt, instead of 10 stuck there 11 pieces, charged a little longer but turns like crazy. I recommend to buy, delivery is long, 2 months to Voronezh, seller and thanks to the post of Russia

    Color: 22PCS

  24. s***v

    Shipped in 2 days, 39 days to Mari El. One battery was defective, opened a dispute for the cost of 1 Battery, the seller immediately returned,. The screwdriver works, instead of the idle one put the old battery whiter less alive.

    Color: 15PCS

  25. E***A

    The cargo came in very quickly. Thank you. Not yet checked.

    Color: 15PCS

  26. N***v

    Item received thanks

    Color: 12PCS

  27. V***v

    Come quickly. Packing is super. Shipping without tracking, but delivered by courier. I’ll order more.

    Color: 10PCS

  28. E***a

    As we check, then I will sign off. While I like everything

    Color: 12PCS

  29. T***v

    Came saved, we will look in the work

    Color: 15PCS

  30. A***h

    It seems that everything is good, the capacity has not yet measured.

    Color: 22PCS

  31. o***g

    All Hood

    Color: 10PCS

  32. b***b

    The parcel was not tracked, delivery to Volgograd less than a month, delivery cdek, packaging whole, the inspection of the goods was not carried out, the feedback will be supplemented.

    Color: 10PCS

  33. A***a

    I will. I will! Delivery 20 days by Courier

    Color: 15PCS

  34. W***c

    Ordered 14. 10. came 05.11. Brought the courier home. To Moscow quickly. Packing is good. Voltazh did not check.

    Color: 15PCS

  35. y***v

    The discharged came. Will Supply, will check дополню.

    Color: 12PCS

  36. S***N

    One element with poorly attached plate

    Color: 10PCS

  37. I***v

    Packaging box cardboard. all the whole. left to install in the battery case screwdriver

    Color: 12PCS

  38. S***v

    3 batteries dead, tried to charge. Charging is not taken.

    Color: 12PCS

  39. I***v

    Delivery 22 days to Peter. After checking, all the batteries showed a normal initial charge. Seller 5 +++. Packed perfectly.

    Color: 22PCS

  40. Y***v

    Thanks to the seller. The product corresponds to the description. Fast shipping. I recommend. 5 + + + +

    Color: 12PCS

  41. N***v

    To Kazan 21 days, service sdek. In appearance cute, later check the capacity.

    Color: 15PCS

  42. S***n

    Corresponds to the description

    Color: 15PCS

  43. V***v

    Batteries are excellent, order
    It was the second time.

    Color: 10PCS

  44. D***o

    All received! delivery to the apartment cdek by courier. call in advance all the way.

    Color: 10PCS

  45. D***v

    Super battery. Screwdriver is happy. I ordered another on the spare.

    Color: 12PCS

  46. S***v

    Delivered quickly. The courier brought home. I belted and put everything in the screwdriver battery. I recommend the product and the seller.

    Color: 12PCS

  47. I***R

    Ordered 06.10.2019, took 23.11.2019. Voltage on elements 1,26-1,275 v.

    Color: 10PCS

  48. V***u

    Everything is beautiful, you need to check.

    Color: 22PCS

  49. V***n

    To Minsk delivery 16 days. Delivery right home. Packaging is not crumpled! Thanks to the seller. I recommend to everyone!

    Color: 10PCS

  50. V***v

    Delivered quickly, for a month. voltmeter showed a full charge. In general, the order is satisfied, and the seller is quite sociable.

    Color: 22PCS

  51. S***K

    The parcel came quickly unexpectedly delivered the courier quality today checked I will check

    Color: 15PCS

  52. A***K

    It came as ordered, only did not track the parcel.

    Color: 12PCS

  53. d***d

    Ordered 11.11.19. Arrived SDEC 4.12.19. in Vladimir to the door. 1,26 = 1,27v tester and 2200 = 2300mAh seller respect and respect

    Color: 12PCS

  54. A***n

    Delivery month. Until my father-in-law, I’ll sign off later. Took for a screwdriver. Something light seemed.

    Color: 12PCS

  55. g***g

    Almost a month, the packaging is excellent, I’ll write off.

    Color: 15PCS

  56. A***o

    Everything came quickly, less than two weeks! Quality is good, I recommend the seller.

    Color: 15PCS

  57. P***v

    The goods came, exactly as in the picture and in
    Description. The parcel was delivered by courier service cdek, handed over. Very quickly came to Tyumen. 13.11.19 made an order and 06.12.19 received.

    Color: 12PCS

  58. K***y

    Delivery by courier to the entrance of sdek. Cardboard, a little puffy. Voltazh cans homogeneous without large changes, within 1.31-1.33 v. The capacity is checked with a lithium battery 500, the result will be later. But for this type of size, the standard capacity does not exceed 1200-1300 mAh. TTH of these elements to put it mildly overstated. The weight of the cans is 33-34 grams.

    Color: 12PCS

  59. G***y

    With the seller did not communicate (sent promptly, delivered quickly). As in work, I’ll put it, I’ll tell you.

    Color: 12PCS

  60. c***c

    Came in 28 days.

    Color: 15PCS

  61. A***v

    Thank you seller for fast delivery

    Color: 10PCS

  62. O***o

    I ordered the goods 11.11., received 14.12. In the issuing point of the SDEC. The batteries are satisfied, stood up to replace the failed Hitachi 18 V battery, now holds the charge as new. Recommend!!!

    Color: 10PCS

  63. A***v

    All 1.27 volts took for screwdriver

    Color: 10PCS

  64. D***k


    Color: 12PCS

  65. a***a

    Thank you! The goods received in the specified time, batteries of excellent quality. I hope to last a long time. I advise everyone of this producer.

    Color: 15PCS

  66. S***y

    Many thanks, everything corresponds to the description. I recommend interested.

    Color: 10PCS

  67. v***r

    The product is excellent battery tested 1,26 v. Each. I recommend.

    Color: 12PCS

  68. R***r

    With the seller I did not communicate so I put one star, packed perfectly. The goods came faster than the deadline.

    Color: 10PCS

  69. V***i

    Eagerly waited, everything came as ordered. In the evening I will solder, while I checked, everything works.

    Color: 15PCS

  70. A***y

    The goods came quickly. Soon I will put, check

    Color: 10PCS

  71. V***v

    The goods came quickly, delivery by courier .. Very satisfied.

    Color: 12PCS

  72. j***e


    Color: 12PCS

  73. Rav Shopper

    Full g… After replacement and charging, the screwdriver can hold your hand

    Color: 10PCS

  74. a***n

    The parcel came quickly order 03.12 received 27.12, in kind normal, capacity until checked

    Color: 12PCS

  75. D***B

    Thank you seller!

    Color: 15PCS

  76. Y***V

    The goods arrived on time. But when you open the parcel, one battery was bent. Although the package was whole without dents. how it will work I do not know, but shows at a measurement of 1,25.

    Color: 15PCS

  77. V***v

    Batteries came in excellent condition. Voltage at each battery 1,26 v. Seller recommend

    Color: 22PCS

  78. E***v

    Delivered quickly, courier to the House, in the work has not yet checked.

    Color: 12PCS

  79. A***v

    Packed well, without damage. Selectively checked the batteries, all charged, even more nominal. Until I installed it. There is one minus, ordered 2 sets, put one. Wrote to the seller and opened the dispute, waiting for an answer.

    Color: 12PCS

  80. V***h

    The service is very good and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Fair and honest seller, I recommend! Thank you for your work! Thank you to our Chinese comrades! 🙂

    Feedback quality and service at altitude, super fast delivery, quality goods! Honest and decent seller, I recommend! Thank you for your work! Thank you to our Chinese comrades! 🙂

    Excellent, impeccable quality! Thank you!
    Excellent, impeccable quality! Thank!

    Color: 10PCS

  81. A***v

    Finally received, as always the parcel was checked for a long time. Equipment as ordered. Later check the quality.

    Color: 10PCS

  82. v***v

    The order came quickly, packed well. checked the items, all charged, installed in place in the battery, everything is fine, charged, Shurik beast, I’m happy, I recommend the seller.

    Color: 15PCS

  83. v***v

    The parcel came. Batteries checked poorly charged. When I mount the charge I will write in addition.

    Color: 15PCS

  84. E***h

    The order came well packed, all the batteries are whole (that’s only discharged completely).
    The order took a month to the Tula region.
    I will come from vacation to check and add a review.
    So basically, while everything suits me, I advise the store and the seller.

    Color: 12PCS

  85. A***v

    I take not the first time-working batteries. I recommend.

    Color: 12PCS

  86. V***k

    The goods came faster than expected. Packed normally, in thermal film each element. I recommend buying from this seller. Thank you, friend, respect you.

    Color: 15PCS

  87. A***v

    Batteries are. Elastic even above the declared, 1,27 v turns out. I dialed 14 batteries in the screwdriver and instead of the old 16,8 v turned out 17,8 v. the screwdriver is now like not in myself))))) 3.3 and I think it will work! Came in 48 days.

    Color: 15PCS

  88. S***a

    I order not the first time. the batteries are charged 1,29. Seller recommend, month to Moscow the capacity is kept well

    Color: 22PCS

  89. g***n

    Quality corresponds to description

    Color: 15PCS

  90. S***V

    In appearance, all the zer Hood, only alarming weight in skile cost 50% more tedious, I think the capacity is overstated although who knows it I will check on aimax unsubscribe, charge from 1.23 to 1.28 is normal, so I recommend the producer you decide to buy or not

    Color: 12PCS

  91. R***r

    Very long. Ordered 11.11.2019 came on 10.01.2020. In M. Oh. Externally as in the photo. Not yet.

    Color: 22PCS

  92. Rav Shopper

    Hello dear office. The order came but the quality can immediately be discarded, as the charge does not hold at all thanks for the goods

    Color: 22PCS

  93. Rav Shopper

    All the bits in the norm 1,25 shows, 3 PCs only 1,24 went almost two months to the Kemerovo region

    Color: 12PCS

  94. D***l

    Good batteries) the product came quickly unexpectedly was

    Color: 10PCS

  95. a***n

    The goods are delivered on time packed in a carton of cardboard, in a charged state of 1.28 V each batoray, everything is fine

    Color: 15PCS

  96. Y***v

    Everything works

    Color: 15PCS

  97. Y***v

    Good )))

    Color: 10PCS

  98. D***n

    Long went. Even though it’s sdecom.

    Color: 10PCS

  99. u***u

    Everything came quickly.

    Color: 10PCS

  100. N***v

    Not yet put, I think everything will fit

    Color: 15PCS

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