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Funny Toy Magical Magic Smile Jellyfish Float Science Toy Gift For Children Kids Randomly

Under water Science Magical Jellyfish.

This fun Toy is a colorful magical Jellyfis.Jellyfish swim up and down in a plastic bottle, and just by squeezing it, according to the principles of fluidmechanics.


Color:White,Red,Blue,Orange (color Random)



This Magical Jellyfish is a fun,educational,and hands-on toy for the engineering and marine biology-minded scientist.

Note:The color and the Expression of the Magical Jellyfish will be sent at random

Package include:1 X Magical Jellyfish

Additional information

Brand Name










Model Number

Funny Toy Magical Magic





Mfg Series Number




Age Range

> 3 years old

500 reviews for jakez

  1. A***b

    net net

  2. o***o

    Very funny the children loved

  3. p***z

    The product never came.

  4. T***v


  5. S***z

    Not an expensive product, however would have expected that they send me at the ones illustrated in the pictures, with the faces and not damaged ones. Not happy!

  6. R***k

    Funny toy. Delivery is long, 2 months.

  7. J***a

    Good for playing kids.

  8. g***g

    Order received all OK.

  9. s***s

    I ordered two different toys from this seller, one came, and the second one did not. The dispute was closed, and the money was not returned for the second toy!

  10. I***a


  11. Shopper

  12. A***G

    All came on time, a funny toy)

  13. s***s

    Trop bon

  14. E***a

    Excellent, corresponds to the description

  15. j***o

    Took, arrived. Is good play but to give right has WUE train. is the human hand movements that gives. Movement and not the toy

  16. J***k

    Shipping slowness.

  17. V***e


  18. R***c

    I have not received the product

  19. j***s

    The product did not arrive, due to the problems of COVID 19
    The kind seller agreed to make the refund. I highly recommend it

  20. R***r

  21. S***N

    Funny thing

  22. R***

    Recommend, silicone feet, good gift for each

  23. P***e

    It’s smaller q the photo

  24. V***i


  25. W***O


  26. N***n

    The parcel came quickly. Toy

  27. o***a

    Didn’t work.

  28. O***a

    Shipping fast. But kakaeto… TC as indicated does not work. Need stupidly up and into the bottom flip the bottle

  29. A***n

    Of the three there are two that don’t work, they float

  30. p***o

  31. J***n

    October-29-2020. Good news the seller small package and all is good

  32. I***y

    The child liked it. But 15 minutes later, he stopped swimming. Dry, swam for five more minutes. You can play it.

  33. d***a

    Very funny

  34. M***R


  35. J***a

    All, all right, thanks to the seller for shipping

  36. I***H

    Cool thing, sinking at increased pressure, like on video. The color was the most eager-white. It is badly visible in the bottle. Minus the star for color.

  37. D***n

    After a couple of minutes begins to sink and does not rise to the surface. Bullshit…

  38. I***a

    not as good and funny as it was in description.

  39. M***r

    All very well as indicated in the very fun publication

  40. R***a

    All is well

  41. g***n

    Kid’s favorite. But what month middle dog doesn’t work. Please contact for the Dunedin month for quickly A refund processing, are you. Thank you very much.

  42. Shopper

    Medium. Where is normal packing?

  43. Shopper

    I did not really like it, maybe because of the color. Put White, it is almost and can not be seen.

  44. G***E

    I received this article in France after 20 days. Article conforming to the description and well packed. Thank you

  45. I***k

    Ballet for children)

  46. J***n

    I don’t know. I NEVER received it!

  47. b***b

    Funny toy. With two you can arrange competitions.

  48. J***o

    Ok… +- you know…cheap item

  49. U***r

    Cool cheap thing.

  50. a***z

    A trap. It doesn’t work. Don’t bite to buy it.

  51. M***c

    Malo them as Malo them OK. 5⭐️

  52. C***c

    Nice ones! My baby was happy.

  53. B***e

    It works and it’s fun. You have to do quite a pression for that.

  54. A***v

    And I could not get them to rotate when they pop up, like on a video…

  55. F***r

    This little object is absolutely fascinating!!! I waited for a very long time on the other hand, but I do not regret it! It’s so funny!

  56. E***r

    Curious experiment for the most peques. As described and works very well.

  57. r***e

    Super fast delivery. But the ludion is too light and it does not flow by compressing the bottle. I’ll have to add a little weight for it to work.

  58. S***v


  59. S***o

    I came to the national team for a month. The child played a day and forgot.

  60. L***r

    Dear Seller, thanks for the octopus toys!!!
    My granddaughter and I were waiting for them! Thanks!!!
    Delivery fast!!! I recommend the seller!!!!

  61. Z***p


  62. A***

    Good seller good product.

  63. Z***l


  64. E***r

    Very funny!

  65. Y***i

    Excellent octopus are made of durable plastic, with rubber legs.

  66. E***n

  67. Shopper

    i got a different item. 🙁 got refounded by aliexpress.

  68. I***g

    Ami son pekeño liked it very much

  69. T***f

    A+++ seller

  70. A***f


  71. R***r

    Sent White, with water merges, ordered blue color

  72. K***r

    Cool Medusa. Everything works like in a roller: squeeze a bottle-Medusa is drowning, letting go-pop up.

  73. A***a

    Everything is for sure.

  74. E***o

    They’re very tender and cute. They’re small. I love them, they got to my country fast. Recommend to seller❤️

  75. i***i


  76. K***i

    Delivery fast, two weeks. came by new mail, in one envelope with other orders from different sellers. But after half an hour of the game one of two осьминожков “dead”-lay on the bottom and does not pop up ((grandchildren are upset, or rather one, which is even worse… put the octopus on the heating battery. Maybe it will dry-it will “live”…

  77. d***e


  78. l***y


  79. Shopper

    I liked it

  80. E***

    Small toy, does not drown, what is funny I do not know, but the child likes

  81. A***c

    interesting toy

  82. x***x

    Korea-GB general well being

  83. D***v

    Too much squeeze it is necessary for the child, the white color in the water is not visible, the toy is not interesting.

  84. F***r

    You have to have a damn fist for it to work

  85. A***c

    nice working

  86. k***r

    Products make you took, but well-received glad all work go well baby easy dry finish this poor info got so wholesale kid’s favorite is convenient time

  87. L***o

  88. f***r

    Took fun to grandchildren) thanks) I hope White will be visible in the water…

  89. S***y

    It works! )))) we will explain to the child the physics of the experiment!

  90. D***v

    Everything is fine

  91. A***i

    The wearing

  92. P***g

    Does what it says and arrived quickly. A great stocking filler!

  93. A***w

    All got it, all is well

  94. a***z

    Such as

  95. A***j


  96. J***n

    Super fast. Item is absolutely fine. Thank you

  97. Shopper

    Beautiful and entertaining .. Small size

  98. Shopper

    Cool trinket. On time

  99. s***b

    it came after 2 month. very long time. and it do not work as on the video. i am disapointed.

  100. C***o

    I love it, thank you!

  101. J***k

  102. a***o

    I ordered 2 units, but a broken wine.
    I got the broken money back.
    Too bad, I’ll buy again.

  103. a***i


  104. 2***r

    An incomprehensible novelty, to make a dance in the bottle and did not work out, it is not worth this money. Packing is good, came quickly

  105. S***z


  106. n***n

    Long time for delivery got a white one very hard to see and no face

  107. G***o

    Very cool as a detail for the little ones

  108. A***v

    Immediately drowned.

  109. F***l


  110. Shopper


  111. J***s

    V pořádku

  112. A***a

    Funny toy. I came Blue, entertain the child will do well

  113. B***b

    Very interesting thing all evening children played

  114. E***T

    1 only toy that works. The other one has no tentacle.

  115. b***e

    No. One of the two ordered does not work. I immediately warned with photos. And since no answer. Not possible to dispute because I can not find the photos anymore.

  116. A***v

    Came white, not red or blue

  117. D***y

    They came pretty quickly. The child of course is difficult to press on a bottle of water, so that the jellyfish move. Bathed in the bath with them. And so cool for a couple of times to play.

  118. A***v

    The parcel came in almost a month

  119. F***j

    Worked only for an hour

  120. R***o

    I bought 4 but one came defective

  121. f***f

    Intimate, but useless

  122. E***a

    Everything has come

  123. t***s


  124. R***v

    I did not like it, definitely this money is not worth it. And in general yesterday once played, today does not work immediately falls to the bottom.

  125. v***n

    It’s cool. But very long delivery.

  126. K***a


  127. f***f

    Reception a little long but nice product.
    Works very well.
    It is better to use the bottle cap down because it is necessary to press relatively hard to evolve the small octopus.
    The presence of an adult is recommended (force to exercise on the bottle)

  128. e***a

    Cool toy)))

  129. Y***y

  130. A***a

    Осьминожек cool, small, fully consistent with the description. Went 2 months, tracked. I thought I would not wait until the new year. Put in the mailbox. I did not try it. Later I will unsubscribe, what he is in action. Seller recommend.

  131. 6***r

    The baby is 2 years old very pleased with the toy :)))

  132. A***v

    Small. Drowning like a video.

  133. L***i


  134. Shopper

    Little and sweet thing.

  135. J***r

    Kids play on hurray

  136. j***z

    Me no Ran

  137. A***v

    Class toy. You can fill it for half an hour.

  138. M***k

    Toy don’t work the child remained malissimo.

  139. A***a

    Осьминожек cool, corresponds to the description, but in the case have not yet tried .. The parcel came during (3 weeks). Seller recommend. Thank you very much.

  140. K***v


  141. C***r


  142. D***v

    The seller is bad, do not buy from him!!!
    The goods did not arrive!!! When combining several parcels in Hong Kong, I was confused by all the goods.
    As a result, in the mail I received one package on which was my marking. I did not check the attachments when I came home, I found that inside instead of three of my parcels, two strangers.
    He began to write to the sellers, but none of them reacted. I had to connect to ‘s dispute and require a refund through them. As a result, also refused. The seller is bad, do not buy from him!!!

  143. Shopper


  144. E***r

  145. K***n

    Bullshit. The bottle is very strong, the child does not cope

  146. M***n

  147. N***a

    Fast shipping. The child just likes the sea theme. The idea itself is cool, but as in the video, we did not get to do with the car (

  148. M***T

    The toy is cool. Water in the bottle should be poured under the string. But for the octopus to swim, it takes a lot of effort, the six-year-old will not cope. My clam floated and drowned for five minutes. Now I’m drying, maybe it will. I will not recommend, decide for yourself.

  149. r***a

    The product never came

  150. T***U

    Simple toy but joy as for + 100500

  151. C***c

    very good for kids.

  152. R***r

    Nothing came! Very sorry!

  153. E***o

    Rare crap

  154. N***v

    Cool toy

  155. C***z

    y did not like it ,

  156. R***n


  157. i***s

    It’s a squirt sometimes works, sometimes not.

  158. o***e

    Забавная улыбка.Быстрая доставка

  159. D***o

    They never got him to do that. Maybe they didn’t understand.

  160. I***v


  161. s***s

    All OK.

  162. a***a


  163. Shopper

    Interesting toy! After 10-15 minutes in bottles it needs to be taken out for an hour, two, then you can use again)

  164. g***v

    Cool thing, the child liked it)

  165. Shopper

    Funny toy. Description corresponds to reality. The grandson liked it. There was a lot of fun and water. Thank you seller. Sent qualitatively packing. It came quickly.

  166. K***a

    Before Khabarovsk for 3 weeks. You need to squeeze the bottle very hard. The child did not have the strength.

  167. Shopper


  168. N***A

    Very long went the goods. Sent in white. No face. There is no drawing. In the water does not react. Item came defective

  169. D***l

    The child liked octopus) works well in small bottles, in 1.5 the child does not have enough strength

  170. F***r

    Works well!

  171. Shopper

    Children like toys. They play with pleasure. Thanks to the seller!)

  172. R***a


  173. B***y

    Pasylka came quickly, within a month. I put everything as on the picture and as shown, sinking and pop up, I think the child will like it. Seller recommend!!!

  174. R***r

    At first, as in the video everything. Beautifully lowered, then drown and everything. In short, Bush China))) but 10-15 minutes of children take great.

  175. L***o


  176. g***f


  177. P***n

    Did not come order

  178. C***u

    se scufunda singur și…. moare

  179. Shopper

    thank you

  180. E***v

    Corresponds to the description

  181. Shopper

    Funny toy !

  182. a***v

  183. Shopper

    Delivery was fast before the date. I am satisfied with these toys and color. Not yet testowałam. Recommend salesman.

  184. J***s

    Tried it once, ended up in the bin.

  185. f***s

    Frankly it’s not worth buying it’s us

  186. v***o

  187. T***S

    very good speed seller

  188. Y***n

    Found it as not useful

  189. v***g

    You know, I haven’t gotten anything yet.

  190. T***o

    not work like movie

  191. N***n

    Full compliance with the description, excellent value for money.

  192. n***a

    Not a bad toy but you need to squeeze on the bottle strongly, the baby himself can not. and the hands get tired…

  193. R***r

    As in the description, the child really likes, but went very long

  194. s***s

    Everything worked out.

  195. A***v

    Плавает плохо, не активно, как не старались трясти бутылку. На второй день заржавел. Ещё и прислали белый. В общем мы разочарованы. Даже ребёнок не заинтересовался ни на минуту.

  196. F***l

    DO NOT BUY. Two of them ordered in September. Happy new year…at least for you…I’m still waiting

  197. R***r

    Red floats as it should, the blue is sinking and does not work. It’s been a long time.

  198. E***t

    Great toy. My dwulatek very satisfied. Shipment in two weeks dotarła to us. I recommend

  199. D***a

    Play for Children will go!)

  200. r***r

    It’s very entertaining for the Pekes

  201. A***v

    забавная игрушка. Даже взрослые удивляются.))

  202. D***v

    Cool toy, but everything is not as simple as on the video, the bottle has to be compressed very much, the child himself will not cope

  203. Shopper

    works fine as expected

  204. b***b

    Funny thing. I advise you to order several at once))))

  205. V***e


  206. v***a

    Thank you, I’m happy with the goods.

  207. Shopper

    Fast Delivery

  208. i***v

    All pratsuyak in description) I’m selling to my uncle!

  209. P***s

    As advertised

  210. I***c


  211. Shopper

    I didn’t get the product.

  212. e***r

    Everything is fine, children’s fun! There was a toy for more than a month, in a small package, did not track. Thank you seller.

  213. R***r

    Another bottle with the necessary properties would put and instruction to how it should work .. it is not worth neither a ruble… but

  214. T***O

    I ‘ve never gotten to receive it.

  215. J***z

    Very funny.

  216. I***v

    Floats, easier to press the yesle bottle flip

  217. B***o

    The goods did not come, returned the money

  218. T***a

    Great toy. The kids are happy.

  219. R***e

    Expensive for such a toy, and hard for children. hard to rise and lower, and do not twist at all

  220. e***e

    After 3 minutes of playing children dropped to the bottom and no longer earned.

  221. S***n

    At first cool, then drown, it is necessary to dry.

  222. E***y

    exactement comme la photo, les enfants s’amusent

  223. E***v

    Very much it is necessary to squeeze the bottle the child does not cope

  224. k***v

    The order did not come, the money was returned)

  225. M***n

    Perfect. Very funny. Even a little bigger than I expected.

  226. U***v


  227. Shopper

    Goods received. Cool toy. Octopus float up and down.

  228. a***v

  229. d***d

  230. v***s

    Unfortunately, the goods did not come, according to the dispute the money was returned

  231. y***r

    тяжело давить на бутылку, ребенок не срравится

  232. A***v

    The goods are not received. Money returned

  233. R***k

    Yes it works

  234. Shopper

    Not long enough, at some point it stops responding

  235. J***n

    Total crap. Went after few minutes under

  236. s***k

    i didn’t recive item.

  237. I***r

    Is working

  238. E***a

    Посылка не пришла продавец через спор вернул деньги

  239. V***v

    A cool toy, a child of 3 years of zalip does not break off for half a day! Delivery fast, seller good faith and very friendly! Recommend!

  240. C***s

    Very didactic and nice colors

  241. f***f

  242. T***y

    The kids played fast. The tentacles were pulled out… And in general, 4 year old child does not get to press on the bottle that the octopus immersed in water.

  243. K***

    Ordered on January 7 and received on January 25

  244. M***o

    Very funny.

  245. V***v

    Came. thank you

  246. S***m

    One of those began to fool does not pop up and so the child is glad

  247. b***n

    Did not receive but the money was returned

  248. R***n

    Funny toy for a child

  249. V***v

    Delivery Average in speed to Siberia. There is no white in the pictures, but all the white toy is Gateway, and it is visually lost in the water. Require other color

  250. Shopper

    Al principio funcionaba bien pero a los pocos días dejo de funcionar se quedaba abajo todo el tiempo, decepcionada, además me lo enviaron blanco

  251. S***o

    Like in the picture.

  252. R***r

    Игрушка интересная , ребенку понравилась. Но я не знаю что он ему сделал, но осминог стал просто тонуть. Теперь мы с ним просто купаемся.

  253. S***a

    Not a bad idea, but quality


  254. E***i

    Prodotto conforme all’offerta.

  255. c***s


  256. F***o

    All right

  257. B***v


  258. I***a

    very long shipping…

  259. n***s

  260. S***E

    Shipping the slowness ~ payment dispute open arrival-Adelaide like you

  261. G***o

    funny ++++ OK for Kids+++

  262. M***y

  263. R***r

    Sinenky came, as requested, 18 days before Moscow in the national team parcel. Cool thing. The bottle needs to be compressed. Thank you.

  264. M***a

    Very Dlugi time wysylki, but all comply with the description.

  265. I***s

    Received quickly thanks!!!!

  266. B***s

    The product did not arrive

  267. R***v

    An interesting toy, in a half-box with water you throw, close, press on the bottle and it drops to the bottom. She let go of me.

  268. n***n

    It took to get but my son is delighted!

  269. Shopper


  270. D***a

    Работает . Но выглядит страшней чем на фото продавца .

  271. D***k

    Without szału

  272. T***a

  273. g***c

    High technology is used in some overly car Quran will sink dish

  274. F***z

    He never made it. The seller is draining the package and does not want to collaborate. At the end solution: dispute and aliexpress solved

  275. Shopper

    Really drown in the bottle, with increased pressure.

  276. S***o

    For what it’s worth it’s fine it works perfectly but in the days it sinks and no longer goes up

  277. v***v

  278. R***r

    The child liked…

  279. A***a

    All as in the description

  280. L***a

    My daughter liked the toy

  281. R***r

    Drowned and did not pop up…

  282. e***a

    The parcel came very quickly, visually the toy corresponds to the claimed, but the color turned out to be white. Its functions did not perform the toy unfortunately. But, after the opening of the dispute, the seller made a refund within an hour in full. I advise the seller.

  283. R***r

    Very long almost 3 months

  284. c***c

    It came fast. My nephew loved it.

  285. Shopper

    No funcionaba

  286. s***s

    Super fun

  287. R***r

    Got, I will try

  288. n***z

    It’s so cool!

  289. Shopper

    ~~~…όλα καλά και σωστά 1000 ευχαριστω!!!~~~~ A+++++

  290. m***y

    It took 3 months to arrive. I haven’t tried the octopus.

  291. S***i

    very nice item

  292. F***

    Beautiful! It works!

  293. E***a

    All is well. But it’s a pity that white-in the water is not particularly visible

  294. s***s

    Floats for 10 minutes, then lies on the bottom of the bottle and everything, you need to drain the water and dry the toy!!!

  295. V***v

    its not the same colors, no eyes no smile,bad print

  296. P***r

    And completely diferente da foto

  297. D***a

    It’s cool. But we have to get a better bottle. It’s hard for children to sell them. It came in 16 days in the Moscow region

  298. R***r

    Cute octopus!!! haven’t started in water yet!!!

  299. Shopper

    The child liked it

  300. F***m

    dommage ça n’a pas fonctionné dans la bouteille . j’essaierai avec une autre .

  301. F***s

    muy entretenido

  302. A***n

  303. S***s

    трек не отслеживался товар не получил

  304. R***r

    Toy cool, the child liked it

  305. T***v

    I’m very satisfied

  306. V***v

    Very funny toy! I liked everything! Thank you!

  307. Shopper


  308. Shopper

    игрушка не плавает

  309. Shopper

    doesnt works

  310. m***a

    Super Toy

  311. A***y

    Товар не отслеживался, в итоге так и не получил, открыл спор, в возврате денег отказано! Покупать или нет решать вам

  312. M***a

    Order did not come

  313. Shopper

    Ok fun

  314. A***k

    very funny. tkanks

  315. E***A

    Cool thing!) only wanted blue, but came red, but also funny)

  316. E***y

    Cool floating, you press the bottle-dips, turns, moves. On the bottle to shake, of course, you need with effort, and so all the rules.

  317. M***z

    It took a long time, it finally came.

  318. Shopper


  319. V***k


  320. A***v

    Two minutes of fun.

  321. K***a

    One did not pop up at once, only immersed. The second one is not very much either. Bullshit.

  322. C***r

  323. R***r

  324. G***z

  325. L***r

    Приколюшка смешная. Плавает, как на видео. Детям смешно.

  326. x***x

    perfect ❤️

  327. O***a

    Works! Children liked it!

  328. a***z

    very fast

  329. d***o

    In work

  330. v***z

    It takes more than 4 months to arrive a mini Octopus

  331. C***o

  332. n***n


  333. k***a

  334. g***a

  335. S***e


  336. V***o

    The toy works, immerses when you press the bottle. It was a little more than a month in the Dnepr (Ukraine) the only thing-ugly faces are painted on toys, not like in the photo of a dog.

  337. Shopper

  338. C***l

    What rage the supplier places the order has arrived, being that it does not arrive yet!. Bad experience.

  339. M***O

  340. J***o

    Gracioso si sí si aprieta fuerte para que baje

  341. D***k

  342. L***z

  343. S***y

    2 месяца до Иркутска

  344. J***t

  345. I***v

  346. D***n


  347. L***e

    It’s not like in the video I ‘ve tried michas bottles and it doesn’t go up or down the medusa

  348. P***a

  349. f***f

  350. M***k

    Fignya povna. After 5 m in the same way, not solidified, the tracks are dry. Potibna force of overweight of expensive people

  351. n***y

  352. h***h

  353. K***r

    son cool mes serais cool de pouvoir choisir la couleur

  354. P***n


  355. R***s

    express fills automatically “delivery confirmed” but it’s not true. Item noto received.

  356. M***g

    It’s not worth anything.

  357. k***k

    Safe Busin for long time, wait for someone to five month etc..

  358. R***r

  359. C***a

  360. B***a

  361. f***r

    Came malipusenky, white, play in the bottle did not lie as)))

  362. A***z

  363. m***m

  364. Shopper

    I didn’t get the product.

  365. D***o

    Very adorable.

  366. S***l

    Super divertido, envío rápido

  367. t***M

    The octopus is just like. But in the water it doesn’t do much. Jejje

  368. E***z

    Shit broke in the moment.

  369. c***c

  370. V***i

  371. S***n

  372. a***n

    Прикольная ерунда

  373. J***a


  374. 1***r

  375. A***a


  376. K***a

    Seller! I do not get in touch, I did not even read my SMS for these 3 months of waiting and eventually came out the period of protection and I opened a dispute for a refund. The track is not tracked, the Mail on such tracks is spread by hands, it is shorter not known where my parcel goes and generally sent or not. The seller a huge fat minus, draw conclusions to order or not, you want to waste your time or not.

  377. L***a

    My octopus does nothing, I ‘ve tried many different bottles and nothing, there it stays up.

  378. s***s

    Arrive White no face and small

  379. P***r

  380. R***r

  381. o***o

    My child is in love with that small funny toy

  382. R***z


  383. P***r

    Works great

  384. n***n

  385. V***n

  386. i***v

  387. A***a

    Прикольная штучка. Ну так, чисто ребёнку поиграть ) быстрая доставка

  388. V***k

    Delivery 40 days, and knew that they would put White

  389. M***v

    For once children.
    For it 66 R is expensive.
    Very long delivery.
    The seller could not send a message.
    I do not recommend!

  390. Shopper

    Toy drowning

  391. g***r

    Is working

  392. L***o

    It has come White, so it is not appreciated in the water

  393. E***z

    It didn’t work out. Children were very disappointed.

  394. Shopper

  395. A***v

    The goods have not come (

  396. Y***a

    Muy gracioso.

  397. 2***r


  398. k***r

    Very terrific with easy 낞 dont force should give a lot of kids feel terrific with easy 낞 dont force should give a lot of very terrific with easy 낞 dont force should give a lot of very good austria elements
    With easy 낞 dont force should give a lot of very good it’s easy with the 낞 elements should give a lot of power

  399. T***z

    I bought two, one of them doesn’t go, it sinks,

  400. M***o

    color feo

  401. V***x

    Was he dropped as a child, or was it a marriage?

  402. A***l

  403. Shopper

  404. b***a

  405. I***n

    пришол белый некрасивый, тонет не высплывает

  406. L***y

  407. H***e

  408. D***v

    Медуза попалась беленькая, выражение лица злое =)))
    Плавает как описано, на бутылку лучше нажимать с двух сторон и посильнее.

  409. l***l

    Everything works

  410. d***z

    All right, recommended

  411. Shopper

  412. P***a

  413. Shopper

    товар пришел быстро, но так как на видео хорошо не получается, надо сильно давить на бутылку Потеряли интерес к игрушке

  414. M***a

    Matches the picture. It came quickly

  415. f***g

    Gracioso Los niños se lo pasan bien

  416. S***


  417. R***r

    Defective, sinking in the water and does not swim. With the seller did not communicate

  418. b***c

  419. i***u

  420. a***r

    Came the parcel before the deadline. everything is whole, the description corresponds. Thanks!

  421. Shopper

    Okay, but you have to squeeze the bottle hard and the kids alone can’t.

  422. A***o

    They still came! (almost 3 months)

  423. R***o

    I did it like in the picture and it doesn’t move.

  424. G***a

    Same as in photo

  425. G***a

    Such bullshit, the child can not do this, now just lying in toys

  426. Shopper

  427. E***r

  428. J***a

  429. J***

  430. N***V

  431. J***L

    Exacto como en la descripción. Envío rápido.

  432. Shopper

    Not come

  433. 6***r

    It never came to me! Con.

  434. K***t

    Toy przestała act after two days, however, wine was in too long leżeniu in water. When water toys odparuje works again.

  435. U***n

    The goods got to their owner. The goods do not work properly, so I put on one star less.

  436. J***a

  437. m***m

  438. d***r

  439. E***a

  440. V***v

  441. n***o

  442. P***a

  443. A***y

  444. O***e

  445. I***r


  446. Shopper

    Cool such

  447. E***u

    reasonable delivery, compliant product

  448. G***i

    funny toy

  449. F***r

    Not the color presented (model in white)

  450. f***r

    Description fine but worked but quite equally.

  451. R***r

  452. Shopper

  453. R***a

  454. V***v

  455. I***A

  456. S***a

  457. I***a

  458. D***a

    One of the products is wrong to join

  459. n***r

    Long waited, the toy was not sent!

  460. F***E


  461. b***n

    I got an ugly white one unfortunately but cool idea. I’d buy more if I didn’t think I’d end up with more white

  462. Shopper

    Article as in description. When you play for a while, it stays down and doesn’t float. We need to get it out and clean it up. Then float again. For the price, it’s not bad.

  463. n***a

    Well, it’s really hard on the butyl. Priishov bialiy colir, you can not see the sound of Yogo. and so cool.

  464. N***S

  465. A***v

  466. J***j

  467. 2***r

  468. M***o

  469. Shopper

  470. j***r

  471. J***d

    Great quality, shipped quickly, would definitely purchase from them again.

  472. F***s

    Спасибо продавцу. Ребёноку радость.

  473. U***a

    Quality is good. Delivery two month

  474. M***i

    He sent Me the white one you barely see in the bottle.

  475. v***z

    el pulpo no funciona, escribo al vendedor no contesta.
    no recomiendo vendedor ni producto

  476. M***m

    I have not received the jellyfish, unfortunately. I know it may be due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak. The vendor has extended the buyer protection period. After literally a few months, the item was still in “transit”. I have no choice but lodge a dispute and hence got my money back. I will wait until the outbreak is over to order it again.

  477. Shopper

  478. J***a

  479. e***a

  480. R***r

  481. E***r

    Bueeeno, I don’t like them in white but they’re still funny 🙂

  482. V***v

    Good but after two for torn inside

  483. E***r

    Super entertaining

  484. A***k

    It was 23 days before Len region. Cool toy, the child is happy.

  485. M***e

    Not quite the same colour

  486. Shopper

  487. S***l

  488. H***I

  489. T***s

  490. g***r

  491. C***n

  492. A***v

  493. R***r

  494. M***n


  495. I***o

    классные, ребенок рад очень, быстро дошли, такие милые, рекомендую

  496. T***a

    it did not work with closed bottle…with open lid it did not sink as well. so I found it useless.

  497. R***r


  498. Shopper

  499. E***r

  500. J***N

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