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Other life adjustments, together with shifting out of her family residence and being pushed to apply for college, may also be chronicled next season. “I’ve had a number of points with folks not believing me after I told them my age. One thing that happened recently was I went to a [lab] to get my blood taken … I was making an attempt to leave, however some employee wouldn’t allow me to, because they thought I was a baby leaving with no father or mother,” she stated. Rae is presently learning to drive utilizing hand controls since she’s too brief to use pedal extensions.

Shauna Rae causes that her mom can’t help however see her as a toddler who by no means grew into maturity. Her mom then admits she must let Shauna Rae have her freedom, however it’s exhausting. “I don’t know if I’m ready to let her go, however she must be let go,” explains Shauna Rae’s mom in a clip.

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Proving that greatness is available in small packages, “I Am Shauna Rae” highlights the 22-year-old’s journey by way of life as she navigates new grownup experiences while looking no older than eight years previous. Viewers who comply with the sequence get a glimpse at three-foot-ten-inch-tall Shauna Rae’s struggles, fighting spirit, the hunt for independence, and ever-dependable relationship along with her loving and supportive household. Maybe it’s my own traumas that have me taking a glance at him.” Another wrote, “When will Shauna realize that Dan is only a creepy perv? If he were some previous unattractive man, she would clearly see these pink flags.” From the looks of it, most of her followers really feel that Dan was only in it to be on the present and to get himself some digital camera time. In an interview with mannequin and physique activist Hunter McGrady (via Yahoo!), Shauna was asked about her fertility journey and how she has been open about her emotions of desirous to be a father or mother someday.

But some folks were left questioning Dan’s motives, particularly after Shauna’s mother and father voiced fears over her young appears attracting a pedophile. At just three-feet, 10-inches tall and weighing 50 kilos, Shauna Rae Lesick is the typical measurement of a third-grader. Shauna was six-months-old when medical doctors discovered an aggressive brain tumour and went through three years of successful chemotherapy.

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I Am Shauna Rae follows the titular Shauna Rae, a young lady who, as a result of a medical condition, hasn’t grown past the peak of the common eight-year-old. The TLC reality show paperwork Shauna as she tries to navigate the world like another young grownup. Shauna is in an interesting place as she will educate the world on people with similar conditions and normalize not assuming somebody’s age simply by how they appear. Shauna will replicate on her childhood, overcoming mind most cancers and the time she came upon she would stop growing as a end result of her pituitary gland being rendered “nearly dormant” from chemotherapy therapies. In 2022, Swygart started getting to know Shauna Rae, the TLC star living with pituitary dwarfism after undergoing therapy for mind most cancers as an infant. Rae has a rare medical situation stemming from chemotherapy remedy for mind cancer at the age of 6 months.

I Am Shauna Rae premiered on January eleven, 2022, and launched fans to 22-year-old Rae, who has the physique of an 8-year-old. Instead, Shauna believes that intercourse should be viewed in a “positive” light as a outcome of it’s “a means of connecting with different folks.” First dates are increasingly going sober – and there’s one age group leading the charge. But the Brit was blasted by viewers, with someone saying he was “sick” for considering of Rae as a reliable love interest. The comment that triggered a wave of emotions from Swygart came after some Internet customers questioned his intentions with Shauna. Some assumed Swygart was inappropriately interested in Shauna due to her three’eleven” stature. Others saw the real connection between Swygart and Shauna and applauded him for it.

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Learn every thing you have to find out about TLC’s most attention-grabbing star, Shauna Rae, including her age, top, and life plans. Lesick has turn out to be somewhat of a star after being the star of TLC collection I Am Shauna Rae, by which she opened up about how her condition has affected her life. “I even have to know if they’re going to cope with all the problems I truly have as a result of I can’t date someone until they’ll take all of that on.

Shauna Rae may seem like she enjoys stuffed animals, cartoons, and cocoa, however make no mistake, her pursuits are adult-centric. In a TLC clip, she introduces fans to a favorite pastime — getting tattoos. Shauna Rae and her mother, Patti, spend the afternoon venturing to an area tattoo parlor as the fact star sets out for some contemporary ink. In a separate TLC clip, viewers accompany Shauna Rae to the neurologist, who thankfully confirmed that the signs Shauna Rae was experiencing have been nothing sinister. While the truth star was in the clear for now, Shauna Rae’s concern that she would possibly turn into ill in the future can typically overshadow her fun-filled spirit and angle. Before she could walk or talk, she go to website had to battle a beast of a illness.

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Many found her smoking appalling, considering Shauna Rae is a most cancers survivor. Shauna Rae defined within the above TLC video clip that her vaping started out as a method to level out the world she was grown. She also admits that the edgier things in life have always gotten her essentially the most attention. Now that Shauna Rae is in her 20s, she is on the cusp of relationships and residing on her personal, and her dad and mom should relinquish some management in order that the truth star can have younger grownup experiences.