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12-week Pregnancy Dating Scan: What Will It Tell Me?

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What happens if I’m worried about the results of the scan?

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Wear your masks, wash your hands, and be excellent to each other. Anti-choice activists, intactivists, anti-vaxxers, homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, etc. are not welcome here. On all previous scans everything was indicated to be good and well. Although it is a medical procedure, many couples find seeing the scan helps to make the baby real for them. Ask for the picture to be explained to you, if you have trouble making it out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the tests you are offered, what they will and will not tell you and what further decisions you may have to make may depend on the results.

Can I have a picture of my baby?

If your cycle is irregular or you’ve recently been on the pill, working out the date from your LMP probably won’t work. If the scan date differs from your last period dates, the scan date will be used. For example, if you had assisted conception, an early scan will check the embryo is developing as it should.

week dating scan

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The sonographer may need to apply slight pressure on your tummy to get the best views of the baby. The sonographer passes a probe over your tummy and a picture of the baby will appear on the ultrasound screen. See What if a screening test finds something for more information on if a scan or other screening test suggests your baby may be more likely to have a condition.

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Public Health England also uses your information to ensure you receive high quality care and to improve the screening programmes. Find out more about how your information is used and protected, and your options. Occasionally, some conditions can be seen at this early scan, for example, if a baby has anencephaly, a condition where parts of the baby’s skull and brain are missing. During your scan, the sonographer might ask for a second opinion from another member of staff.